For Grant


Who Can Apply

European citizens and international students who reside in Europe can apply for grants. Grants for research are available only to private individuals, even if the applicant belongs to a research team. In addition, European universities promoting lifestyle medicine and health promotion may also apply funding for their programs.


Before Applying

Before considering applying to our foundation, we recommend first examining more about the concept of lifestyle medicine on relevant websites such as
Being eligible for grants, a potential applicant is also recommended to check the relevant information on the Current Grant Opportunities page to see what funding opportunities are open.


As We Evaluate Proposals, We Especially Look for Projects That

  • Promote evidence-based research.
  • Are carefully crafted and realistic.
  • Relate to lifestyle medicine or health promotion.
  • Address underlying health problems in European society and uses lifestyle interventions such as nutrition, exercise, rest, stress management, sleep, proper exposure to
    sunlight, promote moderation, and fresh air to solve them.
  • Demonstrate how lifestyle medicine and health promotion are cost-effective and competent in helping people prevent and reverse chronic diseases.
  • Tries to include also other funding bodies using matching or challenge grants.


Detailed Process for Application

  1. Send a free form application based on our Current Grant Opportunities. Choose the content according to what you find important and relevant in the area of lifestyle medicine and health promotion.
  2. Please provide your application in English.
  3. The application needs to include: CV, research plan, degree certificate of your highest degree and/or study register extract, and references.
  4. The research plan should include the following information: aims of the study, research data, methods, schedule, and budget.
  5. Submit your application including all its attachments as a single PDF document. Please name the document with your own name.
  6. Please check the deadline for applications. Applications submitted late will not be processed. Submit your application via email to the address: chairman (at)
  7. Once received, an email confirmation is sent to the applicant. Remember to check your junk mail folder.
  8. In the review period, the grant committee will discuss the opportunity to fund the proposed project, etc.
  9. If the application needs clarification, a board member of the Foundation or a member of the grant committee will contact you to discuss your proposed project.
  10. The board of the Foundation evaluates the applications and makes final decisions based on the recommendations of the grant committee.
  11. Both approved and disapproved applicants will be notified. Once approved, you will receive an email from a board member of the Foundation and will sign the Grant Agreement Form.


Additional Information

  • The Foundation will publish announcements of all the grants awarded.
  • The grant may be used only for the purpose for which it was awarded. Therefore, it is important to note that changes to the original project must be reported immediately to the
    committee for review and re-approval. A notice of change must be made by email to the Foundation.
  • Suspension of the grant must be notified to the Foundation immediately.
  • Grants that have been authorized and have not been used within 12 months may be canceled.
  • If the grant has not been used in line with instructions, it may be reclaimed.
  • The duration of the grant can only be extended for a justified reason such as parental leave and long-term illness.
  • If the grant is not awarded, the application will be discarded.
  • All published results need to be in an open journal that is in Finnish or English unless otherwise agreed.
  • The Foundation does not publish the names of the lifestyle medicine experts assessing the applications.
  • Mentioning the Foundation’s grants in academic studies and publications, and including them in CVs is generally considered a good practice.
  • The beneficiary must submit a separate written report on the use of the grant within one year of the last installment being drawn up. The list of publications related to the grant, completed research work, and completed courses are recorded in the report. A short summary of the thesis, dissertation, or other scientific publication must be written.
  • The Foundation shall avoid the long-term, continuous funding of projects by the same researcher.

We Do not Fund:

  • Research teams except an induvidual in a team.
  • Undergraduate research.
  • Student exchanges.
  • Medicine or vaccine research or education.
  • Trips to medical conferences that are focusing on medicine and vaccine research and education.