Privacy Policy Statement (GDPR)


Lifestyle Medicine and Health Promotion Foundation sr. is a foundation registered in the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The Foundation is a legal person. The personal data are processed only to the necessary extent needed in the grant and stipend application process of the Foundation. Data processing is based on General Data Protection Regulation of EU 2016/679.

Registrar and Contact Details of the Controller

Lifestyle medicine and health promotion foundation sr.
Taivaanpankontie 10 B 8
70200 Kuopio

Aki T. Pirskanen
tel: +358 50 322 1184
e-mail: chairman(at)


Name of Register

Register of grant and stipend applicants.

The Purpose of Processing Personal Data

Information is needed to process grants and stipends for applications, deciding on grant recipients, statistics, research, the payment of the grants awarded and monitoring the payments. In addition, information is needed for reporting to the authorities.

Contents of the Register

Basic information about grant and stipend applicants: name, contact information, phone number, email, and organization.

Other possible information such as date of birth, titles, place of study with its contact information, the national identification number, tax number, home address, bank information, the day the grant was awarded, grant sum, and payment details for the grant. In addition, the details of potential recommenders, any appendices sent by the applicant such as CV, degree certificates, and portfolios.

Sources of Information

Most information is obtained when applicants fill in the grant application and on request provide more information. In addition, some information may be received from the recommenders on the request of applicants and from stakeholders such as an employer, colleague, or other collaborators.

Disclosure of Data

All grants paid during the same calendar year (over € 1,000) will be reported to the Tax Administration. Recipients of research grants covered by the pension scheme are notified to MELA (the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Maatalousyrittäjien eläkelaitos in Finnish. They provide comprehensive pension cover and social security to recipients of scientific grants and scholarships). In addition, grant applications are processed by the grant committee who are experts in their field. If necessary, an applicant’s data may be disclosed to another foundation or benefactor in order to avoid overlapping grants. The grants awarded are published on the Foundation’s’ website and its annual report.

Transferring Data Outside the EU or EEA

We do not transfer your data outside EU or EEA countries except for the grant committee members who are experts in their field and might reside outside of EU or EEA.

Principles of the Register Protection

Only authorized, designated persons have access to computers where data is stored. Access requires a password.

Some material may be printed for evaluation. Such data is stored in locked premises. A place for psychical storage is defined by the board of the Foundation. The printed materials are destroyed after the grant processing procedure has been completed.

Duration of Data Storage

The computer data is stored for at least 10 years. The permanent data stored are the applicant’s name, the purpose of the grant, and the sum. The account number and other related unnecessary pieces of data will be erased 2 years after the payment has ended.

Right of Access

The applicants have the right to check the data concerning themselves. The inspection request must be made by a handwritten letter with a signature or by a PDF document with a signature as an attachment in an email to the Foundation address.

The Right to Request the Rectification of Data

If there are errors in your information, you can ask them to be rectified. A request for rectification must be made by a handwritten letter with a signature or by a PDF document with a signature as an attachment in an email to the Foundation address. The controller shall correct, delete, or supplement personal data in the register that is incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete, or out of date on its own initiative or at the request of the data subject.

Other Rights Relating to the Processing of Personal Data

The applicants have the right to request that data concerning themselves be erased, the right to object to the processing of their personal data, and the right to file a complaint to the supervisory authority.